Day 3: BMW and Oktoberfest

Today we checked in at the BMW Welt.  They gave us the official BMW Welt ID card with our schedule on the back as well as a 10 Euro credit for the gift shop and a 15 Euro credit for the restaurant.

IMG_3866 IMG_3914

We used the gift shop credit to get presents for the kids but we never bothered to use the restaurant credit as they had this spread available for free in the Premium Lounge.


The Premium Lounge is where they direct everyone arriving to pick up a new car.  They tell you to arrive an hour earlier than you need to.  Then they have you wait in the lounge.  Why, because below you can see your car…just waiting for you.


As we were there a day early my car was not yet on display.  This blue 335i is was close however.


They also gave me this nice key chain with my initials engraved on the back. 

IMG_3910 IMG_3911

Great, my key chain say “car.”  I guess I won’t forget what the key on the BMW keychain is for.  It reminded me of when Tiffany was preparing to send Jazz to her first day of day care.  She was instructed to supply “six bottles, labeled with the child’s initials.”  I laughed as I watched Tiffany write “jar” on six bottles.

Going to the Welt a day early worked out really well.  We had as much time as we wanted to explore and there is a lot to see.  We didn’t even make it to the museum.



The factory tour was both fascinating and amazing.  It was freaky to look into the factory and see almost no people, just robots, building car after car.  Steven Velat, you would have been either fascinated or completely bored, I’m not sure which.  If you’ve never toured a modern factory like this, you should.  Sorry, no pictures allowed in the factory.

After lunch we went to Oktoberfest.





We took it easy at Oktoberfest because…tomorrow is the big day.  Auto delivery at 10:30!

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