Day 4: The Big Day

We arrived at the BMW Welt at about 9:00.  Upon entry to the Premium Lounge the monitors confirmed that today is the big day.


I don’t know if this was special treatment for me or what, but they parked my car under and overhang.  If I lean over the balcony like this…


I can see exactly this much of my car…


At 10:50 Barnard arrived to walk us through our orientation.  They have a very slick Surface like presentation system and a simulator.  The simulator is basically a video game that lets you experience driving with and without traction control, stability control, etc.  We probably could have skipped this part of the process.  As we walk exit the Premium Lounge and walk down the stairs the car comes into view.  Barnard uses his handheld computer to make the platform spin.


Once on the floor, we spent a good deal of time just admiring the car and taking photos.  A professional photographer arrived, on queue, to take our photo with the car.  These are my snapshots.

IMG_3925 IMG_3923 (2)IMG_3931IMG_3928IMG_3929IMG_3943

Look!…no miles!

IMG_3926 IMG_3945

After a victory lap around the inside of the Welt we exited near the double cone and drove south about two hours to Füssen.  On the way out Barnard reminded me of the break-in recommendation; no more than 4,500 RPM and 100 MPH for the first 1,200 miles.  “Of course,” he said, “if you’re on the Autobahn and there is no limit and the engine is fully warmed up I think you should go faster, you won’t hurt the car and you can’t do that at home.” 

Tomorrow we’ll visit crazy King Ludwig’s fantasy castle, Neuschwanstein.

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