Day 5: The Castles

As we’re leaving Füssen we hit the century mark.


It’s only a few miles to Hohenschwangau.  We boarded a horse-drawn carriage and made our way to the Hohenschwangau castle, a “modest summer home and hunting lodge” for the royal family of Bavaria.



From the Hohenschwangau castle you can see Ludwig II’s much grander Neuschwanstein castle.  Only about 1/3 of the Neuschwanstein castle  was ever completed and it still makes the Hohenschwangau look like a shack.  Ludwig II ran the royal family into bankruptcy with his castle building, was declared insane and relieved of his crown then mysteriously died a day later.




Sorry, no pictures are allowed inside the castles.  There are some amazing views from the castle windows, however, and pointing your camera out the window to capture that is allowed.  If I get a chance to figure out how to use the stitch assist feature on my camera I’ll post some panoramic photos later.  For now, here’s a nice one of the castle with a Le Mans blue BMW in the foreground.


We arrived in Garmish about 5:30.  It was a short 30 miles or so from Hohenschwangau.  Tomorrow morning we’ll board the cogwheel railway and make our way to the top of Stugspitz.

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