Day 6: Zugspitz

We started the day on the cogwheel train from Garmish which climbed 1,000 meters to Eibsee.  From Eibsee we took the gondola up another 2,000 meters or so to the peak of Zugspitz.  The castles took longer than we expected yesterdy.  As a result we almost crossed this one off our list.  I’m glad we didn’t.  This was an incredible experience.

To start with, this was the view from our balcony.


And here is the view from the top.

IMG_4032IMG_4055 IMG_4065IMG_4041

Zugspitz is also home to Germany’s highest beer garden.

IMG_4059 While we were eating lunch in the beer garden a lady sat down and tried to strike up a conversation in German.  I responded with “nine spreaken si Deutch.”  She says, “oh, Spanish, English, French?”  English will be fine, thanks.  Gotta love those multi-lingual Europeans. 🙂

Check out Tiffany feeding the birds my french fries and how they float on the updraft off of the mountain.

After we were done with that we drove through Austria and on to Samnoun Switzerland.  This little village is so nice we might stay an extra day.

IMG_4070IMG_4097 IMG_4079 IMG_4096IMG_4102 IMG_4100

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