Day 7: The Big Drive

We decided to leave Samnoun…none of the fancy Swiss luxury goods tickled our fancy enough to entice a purchase, even at Samnoun’s duty-free rates.  Well, OK, we stocked up on chocolate.  50 Swiss Franks to fill the gas tank, which was already half-full, and 40 Franks for a Swiss highway vignette and we were on our way.  One Swiss Frank = $1.03 by the way.

We headed back into Austria and towards Italy.  It was a beautiful drive with the fog hanging above the green valley, the mountain peeks above the fog and the sun coming over the mountains.  The only down side was the tractors and trucks which slowed us down from time-t0-time.  The Europeans may understand how to stay to the right on highways but they don’t understand a slow-vehicle turn out on a two-lane road at all.  When we got to Santa Maria, Switzerland and the GPS shows us this…


Tiffany  called it “cursive.”  This is what “cursive” looks like in real-life.

IMG_4111IMG_4120 IMG_4118 IMG_4129

We traveled over the Umbrail pass at 2,500 meters, it got narrower-and-narrower as we went up.  At one point it was actually a gravel road.  We headed down the Stelvio pass road into Bormio, Italy where we had lasagna and espresso before going over Fluela pass and into Lucerne.  On the downhill side I got to test out the “hill decent control.”  The car will maintain a constant speed going down hill.  I can adjust the speed up or down from 5-20 miles per hour by pushing or pulling the cruise control lever.

We’ll investigate Lucerne today and then drive 80 miles north to Mulhouse, France where we plan to visit lots of Alsace wineries.

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