Day 13: Giving Up the Car

Arriving in Paris Wednesday we drove straight to TT Car transport – near the airport.  This is the company that will handle shipping of my car.  We have an appointment at 9AM Thursday so we wanted to find our way Wednesday evening then stay near the airport to make things easy in the morning.  It’s kind of a scary neighborhood.  The steel fences around every building don’t make you feel too comfortable.   The fact my car is inside one of those fences makes me feel better.  If we had to park on the street we’d have been looking for a different hotel, in a different neighborhood.

The process went quickly and smoothly Thursday morning.  By 9:20 we were in TT Car’s shuttle then dropped at the airport train station where we took a train then the Paris Metro to our hotel.  Now this is all I have left of my car, my owner’s manual, a warning triangle, the first-aid kit, US style license plate holders and one key.


I took these numbers off of the car’s computer at the drop-off site.

  • Driving time: 37:49 hours
  • Distance: 1235 miles
  • Fuel usage: 22.4 MPG
  • Average speed: 34.7 MPH

Fuel seemed to be about €1.5 per liter and the exchange rate is about $1.30/€1.  So…

(1235 miles / 22.4 MPG) * ((€1.5 / Liter) * 4) * 1.3) = ~$441 in fuel expenses

It was worth every penny.  It’s going to be very hard to wait for this car to get to Seattle.  But hey, we’re in Paris.

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