The Big Day Redux

Friday afternoon, December 3rd, Knight, my salesman at Seattle BMW, called and said: “Hey, your car is here.  They’re loading it off the truck right now, when do you want to come get it?”

Me: Uhhh, NOW!

Him: Oh, not now, we have to wash it, get it registrered, load US maps, etc. etc. etc.  Maybe it will be ready tomorrow.


So, we sat around the house all day Saturday saying, please today, please today.  If not today, I know the service dept. is closed Sunday and I won’t get the car until Monday, at the earliest.  About 3:30 they finally called, car will be ready at 5pm.  The whole family came along.

Camden says he’ll buy the Mustang from me for $2.  I told him I’d just give it to him if he had a driver’s license, but I’m not keeping it in the driveway for the next ten years.  Hunter called dibs on the 335i “when Dad dies.”

It was too dark to get a good picture but we wanted one with the Space Needle to proove the car made it to Seattle.

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