Day 11 & 12

Not a lot of pictures to share as we got to the point of the trip where we have a bit of driving to do.  First we headed back into Germany.  We had two things on our agenda.  One, drive fast on the Autobahn. 

There is a stretch along the German-French boarder that has no speed limit.  My impression of the AutoBahn is this…it will be great if they ever finish it.  We drove a good thirty miles, all of which was on the shoulder, 40 miles per hour, because of construction.  Next to us was two gleaming lanes of perfect asphalt but apparently it was not ready for traffic yet.

We did find a stretch outside of Heidelberg and another by taking a different route back south.  For a short while I followed an orange Porsche at about 120 MPH.  That was fun.  I wish I could have done more but didn’t have the patience for all the slow parts of the autobahn.  Also, there was too much traffic to go faster than that.  As expected, slower cars always move out of the left lane when they see me approaching.  What surprised me was the slower cars in the right lane that would move left.  Trucks are usually traveling about 80 kilometers per hour.  Vehicles may be traveling 120 or so when the approach them.  They would just move left to pass despite the fact I was coming up behind them at 180+.  That surprised me, and didn’t feel safe.  

Goal number two was to visit Baden-Baden.  Baden means bath in German.  This town is home to mineral springs and has a huge Roman style bath house.  There were multiple pools, inside and out, with temperatures ranging from 60F to 100F.  We waded around for about an hour, stopped for a snack and water, got a massage, tried out the sauna, steam baths, they have multiple different kinds, and left about four hours later very relaxed.  Sorry, the camera stayed in the locker.  Here is a picture of the building. 


If we had known how nice Baden-Baden was we would have planned more time there.  But, we have to get to Paris.  We left Baden-Baden and settled in for the trip, which is over 300 miles.  This means Tiffany had to take a turn driving.  It was the first time she has ever driven my car, any car of mine.  It also meant we got to rock out to Miley Cyrus for two hours.  Half way there she stopped and let me drive again so I could watch the odometer rollover the  first four digit number.


Next stop Paris.

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