Butterfly Footprints

Here is the butterfly footprint project

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The Big Day Redux

Friday afternoon, December 3rd, Knight, my salesman at Seattle BMW, called and said: “Hey, your car is here.  They’re loading it off the truck right now, when do you want to come get it?”

Me: Uhhh, NOW!

Him: Oh, not now, we have to wash it, get it registrered, load US maps, etc. etc. etc.  Maybe it will be ready tomorrow.


So, we sat around the house all day Saturday saying, please today, please today.  If not today, I know the service dept. is closed Sunday and I won’t get the car until Monday, at the earliest.  About 3:30 they finally called, car will be ready at 5pm.  The whole family came along.

Camden says he’ll buy the Mustang from me for $2.  I told him I’d just give it to him if he had a driver’s license, but I’m not keeping it in the driveway for the next ten years.  Hunter called dibs on the 335i “when Dad dies.”

It was too dark to get a good picture but we wanted one with the Space Needle to proove the car made it to Seattle.

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Porgy has Arrived

A very pretty picture.  Porgy is in the USA.  Now we have to wait for unloading, customs, transoport to Seattle…Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!


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Hot off the Internet

Porgy has been circling the entrance to the Panama canal since early Sunday monring.  Early today she entered the Gatun locks on the Atlantic side of the canal.  Now, right now, she is passing through the Miraflores locks and will soon be in the Pacific Ocean.  Live picture here.

In case you missed the live picture here is one from 5:17 Pacific time.

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Look what came in last night


It’s the Porgy!  In Bremerhaven. 

Did I mention I love the Internet? 

Tomorrow she will set sail for Port Hueneme, California.

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Finally…I have a boat

It’s been over two weeks since I dropped off the car.  The transport company supplies a web site where I can track the status of my car.  I’ve checked it multiple times every day of course.  Until today it simply said…yep, we’ve got your car.  Today I checked and saw this…



Just a little bit of Internet research and some help from the guys at Bimmerfest and I found some info about the Porgy.  The Porgy is a 199 meter cargo ship flagged out of Panama with a top speed of 18 knots and she is my new favorite boat.  Well, I wish she was faster Winking smile


Her last port was Alexandria, Egypt.  Currently she is steaming through the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Sicily, towards Bremerhaven…where she will pick up my car!  Her current position can be tracked on this web page…did I mention I love the Internet.


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Day 16 & 17: London

And now for Tiffany’s favorite part of the trip…


I have to admit, Harrod’s is an impressive store.  Even I could spend the whole day shopping in there.  They have a coffee bar, a chocolate bar, a wine bar…

London still has all the iconic London things like red telephone booths, black taxis, double-decker busses, the underground…

IMG_4461IMG_4465IMG_4463 IMG_4467IMG_4455 

We found a guy who got into Ripley’s for making the face that Camden makes when he drinks “spritey” drinks.


And we found a blinged Mini.  What do you think about that Brooklyn?


Our flight home leaves at 6:30AM so we’re staying at the Yotel in the airport.  It feels like a cabin on the Enterprise.  We miss our family a ton and we can’t wait to get home.

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